You've already entered Moulded Flesh's webs(h)ite. We come from Rybnik, Poland (city in the south of the country, very close to the Czech border). If you have some time, check out the stuff. I'd be pleased to have any feedback from you plas. If you have any other ideas, you organise any gig and you lack bands please let me know. Maybe we'll make up something. That’s all mates, revel the junk...



New shots from recent gigs added. 


new section with videos has been added, check out a couple of brand new tracks from our last gig in Opole, Poland. We're playing in two days in Rybnik, Poland, see details at "gigs". Pop in for Satan. 


Check out our profile at www.myspace.com/mouldedflesh and check us out alive in Opole, Poland on 25th of April in Gara¿ club. Walking distance from Czech Republic ;)

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